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Advantages of Liquid Core Fiber Optic Cable

Advantages of Liquid Core Fiber Optic Cable
April 02 , 2022

Fiber optic liquid light guides is a light transmission element with a new structure. It uses liquid material as the core material and polymer material as the cortex tube. It has the characteristics of large core diameter, large numerical aperture, wide spectral transmission range and high light transmission efficiency.

In particular, the core section of the fiber optic light guide is completely composed of the same material, which can avoid the coupling loss caused by the porosity of the single filament in the glass fiber optic bundles or the silica fiber optic bundle; it can transmit hundreds of watts of optical radiation without no damage; no glass or quartz fiber optic due to repeated bending in use, resulting in increasingly serious wire breakage and reduced light transmission efficiency.

The liquid core light guide has excellent light transmission capability in the ultraviolet band, and can transmit high-power light energy up to several hundred watts, which can be applied to high-power light sources. Its structure is simple and its performance is stable.

Nanjing GIANT Lighting Technology manufactures UV light guide, which can meet the special needs of UV curing, spectral therapy, fluorescence detection, criminal investigation and evidence collection, and visible light transmission. Our fiber optic light guide are also exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, South Korea and other parts of the world.

Technical advantages

Core diameter specifications: φ3, φ5, φ8, φ10mm;

Interface form: 1 in and 1 out, 1 in and 2 out, 1 in and 3 out, 1 in and 4 out, 1 in and 6 out, common output and input interface, which can match with special light source instruments;

Light transmittance:

Numerical Aperture: ≥0.6 The new structure can be disassembled and assembled, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.

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