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How does the star roof go from traditional to intelligent energy saving

How does the star roof go from traditional to intelligent energy saving
April 08 , 2022

The fiber optic star roof light is a new type of high-tech lighting equipment, which is a newly developed technology in recent years. As a decorative light source, the star roof is frequently used in department stores, public places, hospitals, etc. So, how does the star roof transition to the traditional intelligent energy-saving?

One of the characteristics of the star roof is decorative. The light output by the fiber optic light can not only adjust the brightness and darkness, but also change the color, which is the ideal light source for dynamic night lighting. Second, fiber optic lights are safe. The star roof itself is not charged, not afraid of water, and not easy to be damaged. Small, soft, flexible and safe to use. Third, the fiber optic lamp has a long service life and a small maintenance workload.

The star roof is a comfortable private space, such as bathroom, dining room, bedroom, etc., public places with atmosphere such as bars, dance floors, cinemas, hotel halls; places that are damp or difficult to change light bulbs.

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