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  • China's first Qi Baishi immersive digital light and shadow art big exhibition
    Mar 10, 2023

    Focusing on the modern expression of traditional art, integrating various forms including digital projection, scientific and technological interaction, AR virtual reality, art installation and so on, with the help of digital technology and scene restoration, create a retrospective of time, take the audience along the path of Qi Baishi's life, and take the audience into Qi Baishi's art world in an immersive way. Enter the prologue hall, the first thing you see is the digital image of Qi Baishi's works on the wall. Re-combine through artistic means, use high-definition LED screen imaging, and present through naked eye 3D visual image. Bamboo forests are planted in front of the door and behind the house. In front of the house is a clear stream, which seems to be the magic "Star Pond". Then, through a dense and organized bamboo forest, the dynamic image on the bamboo wall shows the calligraphy works of the old man Baishi in different periods through the projection of bamboo knots. In the core exhibition area of "one flower, one world", the projection technology has once again empowered the art and activated the content based on the master's flowers, birds, fish and insects. For example, a bird flying from the right screen falls on the stone beside the wall, the bird slightly turns its head, and the surrounding pictures gradually fade away. The two mandarin ducks hit the lotus stems inadvertently while swimming, and the birds on them flew away like frightened birds, causing dragonflies to fly around. Here, you will see the growth of flowers and trees in the four seasons, and listen to the chirping of birds and insects under the hedge. These vivid, warm and vibrant scenes are exactly what Qi Baishi loves in his heart. Therefore, ink splashing is a painting, and writing is a poem. The exhibition hall of "Qi Baishi's Calligraphy and Painting Room" will display Qi Baishi's paintings by projection, and the lifelike paintings will be displayed interactively with visitors on the suspended wall. For more information, please check the following links: Water Wave Effect Projector Cloud Sky Effect Projector Firefly Effect Laser Projector Indoor Gobo Logo Projector Outdoor Gobo Logo Projector

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  • The
    Feb 01, 2023

    During the Lantern Festival, Lanterns were hung up along the Wulian Street. The flaming red lanterns hung high, which makes colorful lighting night scene. The city street scene is full of New Year's flavor, and Wulian adds more warmth. How amazing is the Wulian night scene this year? You can see the following pictures. In Furong Square, a variety of retro lanterns, flying saucer lanterns, lanterns, fortune bags, rattan balls and so on will glow brightly throughout the square. The optical fiber lights on the big tree at the entrance and the water patterns on the ground on both sides of the water, lotus, koi are particularly eye-catching.The pool in the center of the square has been turned into an internet celebrity check-in place. The colorful angel wings in the middle are full of movement, and the blue and white porcelain jade rabbits on both sides indicate that the rabbit will be prosperous in the coming year, expressing New Year's blessings to the people of the whole county. On both sides of Fuqiang Road (Beijing Road-Limin Road Section) in the urban area, there are creative lanterns such as dandelion balls, square lanterns, round drums and nine fish blessings, fan-shaped flowers blooming wealth, fan-shaped Chinese dreams, peonies of various colors, and various light strips, The tree lights make the road into tunnels of light and shadow, and several lanterns are hung on both sides of the street to shine brightly, making the mountain city under the night full of fairy tale-like artistic conception. Walking along the streets of Wulian, the red lanterns hanging high on the roadside and the small lanterns fluttering in the wind complement each other, creating a dreamy atmosphere of "people swimming in the lights". The warm and lively lighting decorations with the characteristics of the times also attracted many citizens to stop and check in to take pictures. The flow of light and shadow is filled with jubilation and lively atmosphere. The installation of colored lights adheres to the concept of "conservation, energy saving, and environmental protection", pays attention to the coordination and matching of various lighting decorations, and takes into account the harmony and unity of street trees and building lighting to create a beautiful mountain city night scene full of brilliance and colorful appearance. When the night falls and the lights first come on, the urban area changes from the bright daytime, and the night is more colorful. The gorgeous night scene is charming and enchanting, which makes people mesmerized. The night of Wulian is a colorful picture scroll. The night lanterns are perfectly integrated with the night sky. Strolling in the streets, the neon lights are flashing, and the beauty of the new year seems to be within reach. The bright lights add a touch of rhythm to Wulian County, and every place is an ingenious world of light and shadow. The gorgeous lantern landscape not only dresses up the whole city's New Year's value, but also c...

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  • Spectacular video projection and laser show welcomes 2023 in Vilnius
    Jan 01, 2023

    For the fourth time, Vilnius invites you to ring in the New Year at the cathedral bell tower, which will be decorated with modern lighting and video projections from 10 p.m. At midnight, the square around the clock tower will shine even brighter with music and a laser show to celebrate the 2023 anniversary. "We are kicking off a spectacular Vilnius anniversary year that will remind us once again what an extraordinary city we live in and will continue to build so that hundreds of years from now, our grandchildren will celebrate their holidays with the same feeling. Proud, "said Remigijus bohemima? ius, mayor of Vilnius. According to Paulus Jurgutis, director of the Vilnius Cultural Center, the celebration opted for more environmentally friendly solutions - performances that lasted longer and had a wider range of visual effects. The synergy of music and modern technology creates extraordinary and memorable sights every year. A few hours before the New Year, the clock tower will change its shape and texture, replicating elements of Vilnius's Christmas decorations. The projected images will invite viewers to travel through four seasons and different historical periods to celebrate Vilnius' 700th anniversary. Paris has a tradition of welcoming in the New Year with a breathtaking light and sound show at the Arc de Triomphe. Unlike the 50-meter-tall buildings in the French capital, one of Vilnius' ICONS - the 57-meter-high cathedral bell tower - has a narrow, curving facade. Using this type of projection area requires skill, knowledge, non-standard solutions, and the correct application of volumetric video, virtual reality, and animation techniques. Several years after the city stopped using fireworks, people are invited to respect their safety and the safety of others around them in Cathedral Square on December 31, and to avoid carrying fireworks that pose a risk to human health. Or animal health, and the use of firecrackers and other explosive materials. On December 31, Christmas Town will open at 12 noon. Until 8pm On January 1 from 11am to 9pm Starting at 10pm, Vilnius residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the wonders of New Year's Eve at the Clock Tower. Until 1 a.m. on Jan. For more information, please check the following links: Outdoor Gobo Logo Projector Indoor Gobo Logo Projector Firefly Effect Laser Projector Cloud Sky Effect Projector Water Wave Effect Projector

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  • Xujiahui Starry Sky Top Library Officially Opened
    Nov 20, 2022

    Xujiahui Street Library, originally located on Yishan Road, has been moved to the 1st floor of 109 Nandandong Road. The building area of the "new home" is about 800 square meters, which can accommodate more than 40,000 books. It is divided into different functional areas, such as reading area, borrowing area, children's castle and book activity area. Well-placed log bookshelves create a comfortable and quiet reading atmosphere. As the birthplace of "Shanghai School", Xujiahui is named after Xu Guangqi, so the street library is nicknamed "Guangqi Library". The unique "starry Top" is a tribute to Xu Guangqi as an astronomer and adds the beauty of natural harmony. The stars, leisurely reading. The library also spared endless effort to promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and create new media for cultural communication. Cashmere embroidery used to be imported from Europe. Under the interaction of Chinese and Western cultures, it has gradually formed the unique characteristics of traditional arts and crafts through the inheritance and improvement of Shanghai cashmere artists. With rich color expression and strong three-dimensional sense, it is known as "Oriental oil painting". As the birthplace of Shanghai cashmere embroidery, Xujiahui, relying on the clustering advantage of non-genetic inheritors, displays and regularly changes the cashmere embroidery works in the library, so that residents can enjoy the intangible cultural heritage works on their fingertips at their doorstep. The person in charge of Xujiahui Street library said that they cooperated with Shanghai Library, Shanghai Film Museum, Xujia Huiyuan Scenic Area Company and other units to carry out in-depth cooperation, through cultural creative design to display Shanghai cultural elements such as Shanghai characters, Shanghai architecture, Shanghai paper art, and so on, to visualize, three-dimensional and brand Shanghai culture, and improve the cultural tonality. For more information, please click the following links to check: Fiber Optic Standard Starlight Ceiling Panel Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Custom Pattern Fiber Optic Light-Honeycomb Star Ceiling Panel

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