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  • Xujiahui Starry Sky Top Library Officially Opened
    Nov 20, 2022

    Xujiahui Street Library, originally located on Yishan Road, has been moved to the 1st floor of 109 Nandandong Road. The building area of the "new home" is about 800 square meters, which can accommodate more than 40,000 books. It is divided into different functional areas, such as reading area, borrowing area, children's castle and book activity area. Well-placed log bookshelves create a comfortable and quiet reading atmosphere. As the birthplace of "Shanghai School", Xujiahui is named after Xu Guangqi, so the street library is nicknamed "Guangqi Library". The unique "starry Top" is a tribute to Xu Guangqi as an astronomer and adds the beauty of natural harmony. The stars, leisurely reading. The library also spared endless effort to promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and create new media for cultural communication. Cashmere embroidery used to be imported from Europe. Under the interaction of Chinese and Western cultures, it has gradually formed the unique characteristics of traditional arts and crafts through the inheritance and improvement of Shanghai cashmere artists. With rich color expression and strong three-dimensional sense, it is known as "Oriental oil painting". As the birthplace of Shanghai cashmere embroidery, Xujiahui, relying on the clustering advantage of non-genetic inheritors, displays and regularly changes the cashmere embroidery works in the library, so that residents can enjoy the intangible cultural heritage works on their fingertips at their doorstep. The person in charge of Xujiahui Street library said that they cooperated with Shanghai Library, Shanghai Film Museum, Xujia Huiyuan Scenic Area Company and other units to carry out in-depth cooperation, through cultural creative design to display Shanghai cultural elements such as Shanghai characters, Shanghai architecture, Shanghai paper art, and so on, to visualize, three-dimensional and brand Shanghai culture, and improve the cultural tonality. For more information, please click the following links to check: Fiber Optic Standard Starlight Ceiling Panel Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Custom Pattern Fiber Optic Light-Honeycomb Star Ceiling Panel

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  • Water pattern lighting projection - Guilin Guest World Plaza lighting projection
    Nov 01, 2022

    Looking into the river from a distance, the water wave pattern flows on the wall, creating a beautiful and fantasy scene, and the lamps that need to be used in this scene are "water pattern projection lights". Recently, friends in Guilin must have discovered the landmark building Guilin Ke World Plaza put on a gorgeous coat. Guilin Ke World Plaza is located in the core business district of Jiatianxia Square, Qixing District, Guilin City. It is adjacent to the Guilin International Convention and Exhibition Center. The total construction area of Guilin Kedu Business Co., Ltd. has a total construction area of about 113,500 square meters. It has 4 floors above ground, 2 floors underground, and more than 1,000 parking spaces. The overall architectural style takes Guilin landscape as the conceptual element, and creates the unique edges and corners of the mountains, the overlapping and scattered terraces of the fields, and the smooth and flexible water of the Li River, so that the regional characteristics of Guilin and modern architecture are integrated to create a commercial space with Guilin characteristics. The rippling water pattern lamp not only presents a beautiful effect, but also has a large imaging area, which can fully meet the artistic conception of the architectural style "Guilin landscape". By means of vertical poles, vertical poles are installed around the building and water pattern lamps are installed on them. The water pattern is projected onto the external wall by long-distance projection. After communication between our design team and Mr. Zhang, 40 sets of 512 color water pattern lights are finally determined to be used, and 10 sets of 512 color water pattern lights are used on each four sides of the building. Building lighting using water lights low cost good effect, if you have this need please contact consultation! For more information, please check the following link: Firefly Effect Laser Projector Cloud Sky Effect Projector Water Wave Effect Projector

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  • Beautiful light show! Luzhou added an internet-famous site!
    Oct 15, 2022

    From October 1 to 31, a one-month creative and dazzling light show will be staged in the China Wine Street of Luzhou Yangtze River Wetland Park. Professional design team is invited to spend a huge sum of money to create a light feast only for visitors. The light shows is made up of several parts, such as Phantom Forest / Light and Shadow Show, Infinite Starry Sky / Light and Shadow Show, Fiber Optic Light Array / Light and Shadow Show, Jinghua Palace / Interactive Experience and etc. The most notable of these is the Fiber Optic Hanging Light Dropping Lamp, visitor can touch and feel the charming fiber optics. Countless optical fibers hang down naturally, and thousands of trees hang down with green silk sashes, creating a dreamlike feeling. The moment when the light and shadow flicker, is like the vast universe descending into the world, the sky is full of stars and it is absolutely wonderful. This Light show has a very large volume and rich experience content. The total number of light and shadow works, music performances and various speech activities of the Light show more than 10. Both men and women, young and old, can enjoy the beautiful night view and experience different viewing pleasures. For more information, you can click the following products: Fiber Optic Hanging Light Dropping Lamp LED Fiber Optic Waterfall Curtain Light Fiber Optic Ball Lights Ground Mounted Lights

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  • Fiber optic lights let Hunan embroidery shine, Hunan embroidery
    Oct 08, 2022

    The blue sky is densely covered with starlight, artificial satellites are cruising freely around the earth, aerospace rockets drag flames across the sky, when the fiber optic lights attached to the embroidery light up, the stars twinkle, full of dreams, full of technology... This Hunan embroidery "China's Space Dream", which is integrated with technology, was successfully embroidered by Yuling Hunan Embroidery Company before the National Day. The novel artistic effect shows the infinite possibilities of traditional Hunan embroidery innovation. This "China Aerospace Dream" has meticulous lines, rigorous rules, uniform colors, and profound artistic conception. In particular, the use of fiber optic lights with modern technological elements to reflect the starry sky and rocket satellites breaks through the creative limitations of traditional Hunan embroidery. Why did you think of using embroidery to express aerospace themes? "China has had a dream of flying since ancient times, and the dream of spaceflight symbolizes China's rise and take-off. To keep up with the times, Hunan embroidery should be boldly expanded in terms of themes, and should also embrace technologies and trends such as sound, optoelectronics, etc. in terms of materials. "Let Hunan embroidery enter people's daily life, nourish life, it needs to be upright and innovative." Wang Yuling said that "China Aerospace Dream" is a new attempt of "technology + Hunan embroidery". Yuling Hunan embroidery company will use modern expressions to show more new embroidery cognition. For more information, please click the following products to know: Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Custom Pattern Fiber Optic Standard Starlight Ceiling Panel Fiber Optic Starry Sky Light-Inkjet Panel Fiber Optic Light-Honeycomb Star Ceiling Panel Fiber Optic Hanging Light Star Ceiling Panel

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