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The working principle and classification of fiber optic

The working principle and classification of fiber optic
March 25 , 2022

What is a fiber optic light? How does fiber optic light work? The lighting system is composed of light source, reflector, color filter and optical fiber. LED fiber optic lighting can create many splendid and colorful effects, such as: star ceiling lights, which can be customized with patterns: such as twelve constellations, meteor showers, star storms, stars and moon; fiber optic waterfall lights; fiber optic curtain walls; fiber optic curtain lights, three-dimensional mirrors It is a perfect combination of art and life, and is widely used in star-rated hotels, bars, nightclubs, KTV, private theaters, saunas, bathing centers and other high-end entertainment place.

How Fiber Optic Lights Work

The fiber optic lighting system is composed of light source, reflector, color filter and optical fiber.

When the light engine passes through the reflector, a beam of approximately parallel light is formed. Due to the action of the color filter, the light beam is turned into colored light. When the light beam enters the fiber, the colored light is sent to the predetermined place along the path of the fiber. The light source is generally very strong due to the loss of light on the way. Commonly used is 45-120W light engine machine. And in order to obtain an approximately parallel beam, the light-emitting point should be as small as possible, similar to a point light source. The reflector is an important factor in whether the nearly parallel beam can be obtained. Therefore, aspherical reflectors are generally used.

Color filters are parts that change the color of the light beam. According to the need, the corresponding color light source can be obtained by exchanging the filters of different colors.

The optical fiber is the main body in the optical fiber lighting system. The function of the optical fiber is to transmit or launch the light to the predetermined place. Optical fibers are divided into end glow fiber optic, side spot fiber optic and side glow fiber optic. The end glow fiber optic means that after the beam reaches the end, it is illuminated by the tail light. The side spot fiber optic is based on the end glow fiber optic, and the side of the fiber will also leak light, while the side glow fiber optic itself is a light-emitting body, forming a flexible beam of light.

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