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Detail description of multi-branch glass fiber optic bundle

Detail description of multi-branch glass fiber optic bundle
March 18 , 2022

Multi-branch glass fiber bundles have one-in-multiple-out optical fiber bundle, multi-in-multiple-out optical fiber bundle, etc., and are made of low-loss glass optical fibers.

Parameters of glass fiber:

Single Diameter: 15μm-55μm

Numerical Aperture: 0.56,0.6,0.64,0.83

Divergence Angle: 70°,75°,80°,120°

Sheath outer diameter:  according to customer requirements

Fiber Strength: >150kg/mm²

Spectrum Range: 380nm-1300nm

Working temperature:  -40~350℃

Transmissivity/m: ≥56%

According to different applications, with rational design and delicate manufacture, using advanced technology, we can provide various of glass optical fiber products, with transmissivity more than 56% per meter.

Our exclusive service:

With more than ten years of experience in fiber optic production and research and development, we can provide OEM and ODM services according to customer requirements.

The internal light-guiding optical fiber materials can be arranged in uniform distribution, spaced distribution, concentric distribution, etc. according to the requirements of use.

Provide customized services, fiber optic splice, branch length and size.

Different applications of glass fiber:

Multi-tube optical fiber bundles can be used in industrial automation, medical treatment, optics, scientific research, display lighting and other industries, such as spectral analysis, museum cultural relic lighting, UV curing, color printing, biochemical instrument analysis, etc.

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