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Xujiahui Starry Sky Top Library Officially Opened
Nov 20, 2022

Xujiahui Street Library, originally located on Yishan Road, has been moved to the 1st floor of 109 Nandandong Road. The building area of the "new home" is about 800 square meters, which can accommodate more than 40,000 books. It is divided into different functional areas, such as reading area, borrowing area, children's castle and book activity area. Well-placed log bookshelves create a comfortable and quiet reading atmosphere. As the birthplace of "Shanghai School", Xujiahui is named after Xu Guangqi, so the street library is nicknamed "Guangqi Library". The unique "starry Top" is a tribute to Xu Guangqi as an astronomer and adds the beauty of natural harmony. The stars, leisurely reading.

The library also spared endless effort to promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and create new media for cultural communication. Cashmere embroidery used to be imported from Europe. Under the interaction of Chinese and Western cultures, it has gradually formed the unique characteristics of traditional arts and crafts through the inheritance and improvement of Shanghai cashmere artists. With rich color expression and strong three-dimensional sense, it is known as "Oriental oil painting". As the birthplace of Shanghai cashmere embroidery, Xujiahui, relying on the clustering advantage of non-genetic inheritors, displays and regularly changes the cashmere embroidery works in the library, so that residents can enjoy the intangible cultural heritage works on their fingertips at their doorstep.

The person in charge of Xujiahui Street library said that they cooperated with Shanghai Library, Shanghai Film Museum, Xujia Huiyuan Scenic Area Company and other units to carry out in-depth cooperation, through cultural creative design to display Shanghai cultural elements such as Shanghai characters, Shanghai architecture, Shanghai paper art, and so on, to visualize, three-dimensional and brand Shanghai culture, and improve the cultural tonality.

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