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Spectacular video projection and laser show welcomes 2023 in Vilnius
Jan 01, 2023
For the fourth time, Vilnius invites you to ring in the New Year at the cathedral bell tower, which will be decorated with modern lighting and video projections from 10 p.m. At midnight, the square around the clock tower will shine even brighter with music and a laser show to celebrate the 2023 anniversary.

"We are kicking off a spectacular Vilnius anniversary year that will remind us once again what an extraordinary city we live in and will continue to build so that hundreds of years from now, our grandchildren will celebrate their holidays with the same feeling. Proud, "said Remigijus bohemima? ius, mayor of Vilnius.

According to Paulus Jurgutis, director of the Vilnius Cultural Center, the celebration opted for more environmentally friendly solutions - performances that lasted longer and had a wider range of visual effects. The synergy of music and modern technology creates extraordinary and memorable sights every year.

A few hours before the New Year, the clock tower will change its shape and texture, replicating elements of Vilnius's Christmas decorations. The projected images will invite viewers to travel through four seasons and different historical periods to celebrate Vilnius' 700th anniversary.

Paris has a tradition of welcoming in the New Year with a breathtaking light and sound show at the Arc de Triomphe. Unlike the 50-meter-tall buildings in the French capital, one of Vilnius' ICONS - the 57-meter-high cathedral bell tower - has a narrow, curving facade. Using this type of projection area requires skill, knowledge, non-standard solutions, and the correct application of volumetric video, virtual reality, and animation techniques.

Several years after the city stopped using fireworks, people are invited to respect their safety and the safety of others around them in Cathedral Square on December 31, and to avoid carrying fireworks that pose a risk to human health. Or animal health, and the use of firecrackers and other explosive materials.

On December 31, Christmas Town will open at 12 noon. Until 8pm On January 1 from 11am to 9pm Starting at 10pm, Vilnius residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the wonders of New Year's Eve at the Clock Tower. Until 1 a.m. on Jan.

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