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Firefly Effect Laser Projector

1.Homeowners, amusement parks, city centers,  public parks, resorts, DJ’s, event planners and more have enjoyed effects from the laser starfield projectors.

2.Working temperature: -30 to 50 ℃.

3.Project distance: 3-8m in dark and dim surrounding.

4.Waterproof for outdoor use.

5.One year warranty.

  • Item NO.:

  • Product Origin:

    Jiangsu, China
  • Main Material:

  • Power:

  • Lighting Colour:

  • Remote Control:

  • Product Size:

  • Application:

    Homes, Clubs, Businesses, Garden, park, Christmas tree decoration etc
  • Light Source Type:

    Laser Piode
  • Protection Rating:

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Product Details

LED GOBO Logo Projector

Firefly Effect Laser Projector
Laser Piode

The firefly effect laser light projector creates the ultimate starfield light show display. The projector is a simple, easy, and affordable way to add ambiance to your wedding or event! This small machine delivers the effect of a starry night sky to any dark space. Thousands of slowly moving, brilliant laser beams glide in different directions across the walls, ceiling, and floor. This professional laser projector has a built-in holographic blue nebula cloud field that can be turned on or off to create a realistic looking night sky. The Firefly Effect laser light projector is everything you need to create a sky full of stars light show effect! The firefly effect laser light projector is popular with DJ's, event producers, wedding planners, architects, homeowners and more.

Amplify the seasonal vibe with this laser light projector. This delightful decoration casts dazzling green or red moving lights around your space, creating a joyous starry ambiance in your home or yard, and the sturdy construction makes it a perfect addition to add Christmas magic to your entryway or patio. This firefly effect laser light projector helps you share holiday cheer with your neighbors.

LED GOBO Logo ProjectorLED GOBO Logo Projector

It would be helpful to have the following information ready for discussion:

  • Pattern Customization
  • Projection Distance
  • Indoor or Outdoor

Product Pictures

LED firefly Effect LightLED firefly Effect Light

LED glowworm Effect LightLED glowworm Effect Light

Installation Instructions

LED glowworm Effect Light

Standard: Imaging size to distance is 1:4
You can contact customer service to modify.

Special Effects Projectors

Special Effects Projectors

STEP 1: Mount screw.

STEP 2: Connect up to the electricity.

STEP 3: Adjust projection angle, tighten angle adjust button. 

STEP 4: Loosen screws, rotate front lens until the imaging is clear.

STEP 5: Fine-tune and tighten screw.Tighten screws to waterproof. 

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Our Factory

Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd. professionally makes and markets plastic optical fibers, glass optical fibers, optical fiber lamps, and various green lights & lamps, specializing in universal non-communication optical fibers. Our running mission: technology based and market oriented. Our quality products have been exported to Europe, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.


Q: What scenes are available?
A: Mainly used in: bars, KTV, SPA, shopping malls, museums and other commercial places such as projection advertising, road signs, brand patterns, decorative patterns, warnings.

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: One year.

Q: Can the picture be changed?
A: Yes, contact customer service to ask for the installation and operation manual.

Q: Can it be customized?
A: Yes, different patterns and projection lamp distance parameters can be customized according to requirements.

Q: Can it be used on rainy days?
A: Yes, please contact customer service to inquire about a projection lamp with waterproof function.

Q: How long is the delivery period and how long will it take to receive it?
A: About a week.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.