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Water pattern lighting projection - Guilin Guest World Plaza lighting projection
Nov 01, 2022

Looking into the river from a distance, the water wave pattern flows on the wall, creating a beautiful and fantasy scene, and the lamps that need to be used in this scene are "water pattern projection lights".

Recently, friends in Guilin must have discovered the landmark building Guilin Ke World Plaza put on a gorgeous coat. Guilin Ke World Plaza is located in the core business district of Jiatianxia Square, Qixing District, Guilin City. It is adjacent to the Guilin International Convention and Exhibition Center. The total construction area of Guilin Kedu Business Co., Ltd. has a total construction area of about 113,500 square meters. It has 4 floors above ground, 2 floors underground, and more than 1,000 parking spaces.

The overall architectural style takes Guilin landscape as the conceptual element, and creates the unique edges and corners of the mountains, the overlapping and scattered terraces of the fields, and the smooth and flexible water of the Li River, so that the regional characteristics of Guilin and modern architecture are integrated to create a commercial space with Guilin characteristics. The rippling water pattern lamp not only presents a beautiful effect, but also has a large imaging area, which can fully meet the artistic conception of the architectural style "Guilin landscape".

By means of vertical poles, vertical poles are installed around the building and water pattern lamps are installed on them. The water pattern is projected onto the external wall by long-distance projection. After communication between our design team and Mr. Zhang, 40 sets of 512 color water pattern lights are finally determined to be used, and 10 sets of 512 color water pattern lights are used on each four sides of the building. Building lighting using water lights low cost good effect, if you have this need please contact consultation!

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