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Pool lights is used for edge swimmg pool light and Fibre Optic Pool Lighting is undoubtedly the best lighting solution for in and around pools.

Now many car drivers trend to use it decorate their car.

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    Jiangsu, China
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  • Application:

    Sensory Lighting, Pool Light, Car Roof Star Ceiling Light
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Product Details

Side Glow Plastic Fiber Optic

Product Model
Core Material
Attenuation (dB/km) <0.3dB/m
Bend Radius (mm)
6 X Inner diameter
Operation Temperature 
Fiber Diameter (mm)

Fiber optics themselves are clear and colorless, so a fiber optic lighting system installed in a project will take on whatever color light you shine through it, or undulate with color patterns if your light source is programmable or dynamic.


The plastic fibers function is light shining in one end from a source of illumination, like an LED or a laser, travels down the fiber optic strand and emerges at the other end. Fiber optics come in a variety of diameters, shapes and types.


Side emitting fibers (also called side glow, or side light) are usually larger and more flexible than end emitting fibers.


Because of the way they are constructed, with a cladding that is intentionally less effective, light gradually escapes along the whole length of the fiber creating a fairly even glow almost like a neon tube or el wire. However, some light also escapes from the end of the fiber creating a bright point of light where the fiber is cut. The intensity of the fiber's glow depends on the intensity of the light source. For example, a 1 watt LED or a laser will illuminate the fiber more than a neopixel LED.


Side emitting fibers are much more visible in ambient light than end emitting fibers, but they still create a diffused glow that looks better in darkness. Side emitting fibers are great for projects where you want defined lines of light rather than pinpoint sparkles. 

Fiber Optic light Applications:

  • Interior fiber optic light decoration of Swimming pool, car roof, KTV, pubs, coffee houses, hotels and restaurants;

  • Lighting in some dangerous place like oil depot;

  • Decorative lighting in the park and fairground;

  • Lighting in swimming pool and underwater facilities.

Please contact customer service for  different specifications of optical fiber.

It would be helpful to have the following information ready for discussion:

  • Variety of product model.
  • Variety of fiber diameter.

Product Pictures

PMMA Plastic Optic Fiber Side Glow CablePMMA Plastic Optic Fiber Side Glow Cable

Different size of side glow fiber cable for options:

  • Solid core side glow fiber optic cable Φ1.5mm to Φ14mm is available.
  • Safe, only transmit light, non-conductive risk,no heat or electricity transfer.

  • Good flexibility, easy installation and maintenance, solid core,not easily to be broken.

  • No infrared transmission and ultraviolet rays,waterproof.

  • Good heat resistance,high brightness.

  • Good aging resistance and long service life,durability.

  • Colour change with light engines,Super bright.

  • Large range of diameter(1.5~20mm)

Product Features

PMMA Plastic Optic Fiber Side Glow CableSide Glow Plastic Fiber Optic

Side Glow Plastic Fiber OpticSide Glow Plastic Fiber Optic

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Side Glow Fiber Optic PMMA Plastic Cable

Our Factory

Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd. professionally makes and markets plastic optical fibers, glass optical fibers, optical fiber lamps, and various green lights & lamps, specializing in universal non-communication optical fibers. Our running mission: technology based and market oriented. Our quality products have been exported to Europe, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.


Q: What is the application?
A: Mainly used in: illumination and signal transmission, fiber optical sensor, indoor and outdoor decorative illumination.

Q: Is there certification?
A: ISO certification and RoHS testing.

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: 3 years.

Q: How far is the farthest pass?
A: More than 50 meters.

Q: Can the size be customized?
A: Yes, contact customer service to put forward your request.

Q: How long is the delivery period and how long will it take to receive it?
A: Generally within 2-4 weeks, depending on the product.

Q: Is there a color?
A: Generally white, please contact customer service for other colors.

Q: Can optical fiber emit light?
A: Plastic optical fiber does not emit light. It is only a medium for transmitting light, and it needs to be equipped with a light source.

Q: Is plastic optical fiber safe?
A: Safe, the plastic itself is not conductive.

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1.Bare fibre is an uninsulated single core made of PMMA (PolyMethylMethAcrylate) that carries cold light from the illuminator with no electricity or heat in the fibre cable. 2.Uninsulated fibre cables are used for pin point lighting in signs or star ceilings due to the main concentration of light delivered to the end of the fibre cable. Without an outer sheath, light is able to emit from its side creating a soft glow when paired with the correct light source or illuminator. 3. Fiber Optic Application:Light curtain;Fiber optic chandelier;Ceiling star;Pool light;DIY.

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This fiber has regular light dots on its side, and also has an end glow effect; Twinkle fiber optical light is a side spot optic fiber which is used for curtain walls, chandelier, optic fiber star waterfall light, fiber trees and so on.

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1.Multiple standard sizes:Diameter 0.5mm/0.75mm/1.0mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm,fits all bow sights and sight pins. You can choose the most suitable diameter. 2.Multiple Colors and Customize:This included 3 colors: green, red,amber.More color and diameter can be customized. 3.Hight brightness:Fluorescent colors stand out against your target. 4.Durable and long life:It won't fade or crack after using some time.

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This kind of optical fiber lighting kit contains side glow fibre optic bundles. The lamp holder is buried by the pool in advance, and the light source is connected to change the flashing effect of different colors and patterns. It is suitable for the twinkling stars of the swimming pool.The fibre optic lighting kits are safe for use in wet and humid areas as no heat or electricity is present in the fibre optics or fittings.

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Use these light guides for applications where lighting from two directions is need like when using a microscope or CCD camera or for pattern recognition. Interlock type tube material allows you to bend the type as needed and fix it in place. SUS flexible type tube material allows you to move the light guide around freely in a small space. Small diameter type light guides with a smaller minimum bend radius are also available.

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Bare optical fiber is made of multi-component/borosilicate glass fiber drawn from our original glass materials. Bare fibre cables can be delivered on rolls or alternatively, it can customise and prefabricate fibre cable lengths tailored to your specific projects.

Hot Knife for Optic Fiber Cable
Electrical hot knife for cutting fibre optic cable

Our Hot Knife is used for cut the ends of fiber in the Fiber Head. The unit has a copper 3/4" wide blade for smooth cutting. Comes with instructions. Not USED for Cutting fiber ONLY melting in Harness into light units.

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1.Low in weight, Small size.This machine is a collection of starry sky effects and meteor effects, which saves space and also has amazing effects. It is an ideal choice for starry sky light sources. 2.Our 16W LED fiber optic illuminator of Meteor All-in-One can also adjust the speed of the meteor flashing.It brings everchange color, transit color, shift color, and also stop color any time you want. 3.16W starry sky meteor fiber optic light engine can be used in home, car, garden, cinema, theater or baby rooms.

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