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/Holmium Laser Medical Fiber for Surgery Treatment

Holmium Laser Medical Fiber for Surgery Treatment

Our laser fibers connectors specifically designed to work with most Holmium Nd:YAG laser or Diode laser systems on the market.

They are available in reusable and can be used for a number of purposes, including but not limited to: urology, otolaryngology (ENT),dermatology, dental/oral surgery, aesthetic surgery, vascular surgery and general surgery.

  • Item NO.:

  • Product Origin:

    Jiangsu, China
  • Main Material:

    Quartz, Silica fiber, Copper
  • Application:

    Medical Industry, Industrial, etc
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Product Details

Single-Use Holmium Laser Fibers

Holmium Laser Medical Fiber
Fiber type
Fiber dia.(μm)

275/365/550 etc.

Numerical Aperture
≥80% (632.8nm)
SMA905/SMA906/FC/ST Or Customized
550μm Silica fiber
Nd:YAG CW laser

Potent laser fiber system specifications range from 200 to 1000um for use with medical laser devices adapted to endoscopic precise output energy for point-to-point operation, depending on wide application, flexibility and desired setup.


Holmium Laser Medical Optical Fiber is a kind of special used for the transmission of large power holmium laser medical optical fiber, mainly used to treat kidney stones, prostatitis, fat cutting, etc.Optical fiber materials meet medical standards, can be disinfection sterilization, which is accord with the requirement of biocompatibility, which entered the body.

Please contact customer service for  different specifications of optical fiber.

It would be helpful to have the following information ready for discussion:

  • Variety of standard interface.
  • Variety of specifications, sizes. 

Product Pictures

Single-Use Holmium Laser FibersSingle-Use Holmium Laser Fibers

Single-Use Holmium Laser FibersSingle-Use Holmium Laser Fibers

Product Features

High Power Holmium Laser Fiber ConverterHigh Power Holmium Laser Fiber Converter

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Our Factory

Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd. professionally makes and markets plastic optical fibers, glass optical fibers, optical fiber lamps, and various green lights & lamps, specializing in universal non-communication optical fibers. Our running mission: technology based and market oriented. Our quality products have been exported to Europe, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.


Q: What is the application? 
A: Laser transmission, spectrum detection, lighting, sensors, medical sensing, medical diagnosis and other fields. 

Q: Is there certification? 
A: ISO certification and RoHS testing. 

Q: How long is the warranty? 
A: 18 months. 

Q: How to install? 
A: Contact customer service to ask for installation drawings. 

Q: Can it be customized? 
A: Yes, contact customer service for customization. 

Q: Are there samples? 
A: Contact customer service to put forward your request. 

Q: How long is the delivery period and how long will it take to receive it?
A: The specific decision is based on the customized product, which can generally be completed within one month. 

Q: How about after-sales? 
A: If there is a problem, we will provide replacement parts.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.