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The applications of plastic fiber optic lighting

The applications of plastic fiber optic lighting
November 18 , 2022

There are many principles and types of optical fiber, and materials for decoration and lighting are usually mainly plastic optical fiber, referred to as: POF. It is composed of special core layer material+overwriting, which can make the fiber appear soft.

Plastic optical fiber has these technical characteristics

1. High flexibility, easy cut, not easy to deform;

2. Have good end -faced light and body lighting effect, uniform light guide, high brightness;

3. Width range of wire diameter: 0.5mm ~ 30mm;

4. The appearance color is variable, usually all transparent or milky white;

5. The shape of the wire body is varied, and the different appearance can be developed according to specific requirements;

6. Stable performance, strong anti -aging ability;

Giant’s plastic optical fiber can be used at -40 to 105 ° C. Its optical fiber diameter is between 0.5 and 30mm, which can be customized according to the design form. It can be used in following circumstances.

1. Interior decoration

In the interior decoration, the glowing plastic optical fiber is used to form a gallery line. Its effect is uniform brightness and soft light. Use halo lighting to have more three -dimensional sense. In the lobby, the top ceiling uses end surface glowing fiber to simulate the effect of the starry sky. On the bar, it is even more gorgeous to install the end -surface light -emitting plastic fiber. Many large KTVs, bars, etc. now use plastic optical fiber lighting.

2. Water scene lighting

When the water scene leaves the lighting, it loses the charming scenery, and the unsafe lighting brings a dangerous hazard to tourists. Because plastic optical lighting is separated by photoelectricity, it is an absolutely safe green lighting in water scenery. In addition to the lighting of the water itself, plastic optical fiber lighting can also use the body to lit to outline the porch line of the pool. The glowing body and water are integrated into one.

3. Urban architecture

In the glory engineering, the use of the whole body glowing plastic optical fiber to outline the contour line of the building is the most common application example. Especially for the image building of a city, the outline of the building is more spectacular in the night with colorful lines. At the same time, in plastic optical fiber lighting, the light color can change with the season. For places that are not suitable for maintenance or replacement of lamps in high -rise buildings, replacement with optical fiber will show that its superiority.

4. Museum, flammable and explosive occasions

Because plastic optical fiber lighting is a cold light source and no ultraviolet rays, it will not accelerate the aging of valuable objects. Plastic optical lighting can be separated from the occasion of flammable and explosive, which is safe and reliable.

In conclusion, fiber optic lighting technology is becoming more and more mature, and the cost  is relatively low. The optical fiber lighting is used for atmosphere lights. The main factor of the color of the atmosphere light depends on the light source.

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