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Why not add starry sky ceiling panel to your classroom or children’s center?

Why not add starry sky ceiling panel to your classroom or children’s center?
November 11 , 2022

Giant’s starry sky fiber optic light introduces subtle and colorful lights into an area without the glare provided by traditional indoor lighting. It complements the existing lighting and provides a visual, fun way for children, staff and parents to engage, relax and have children's nap time. Lighting systems use sound-absorbing panels or printed linings with fiber-optic stars similar to the night sky. Stars can interact with each other through color changes, they can flash or animate, and the meteor animation adds an unexpected little surprise to the observer.

How does starry sky light system works?

The starlight system uses illuminators to project light through a network of optical cables connected to sound-absorbing panels. Each panel emits a series of sky lights controlled by a wireless remote control to achieve the effect of changing colors and flickering.

The Benefits of using starry sky ceiling panels

- Color change and animation starlight

- Create a charming and relaxed atmosphere

- Safe touch of starlight

- Reduce anxiety and stress

- Create interactive learning Spaces

- Promote creative sensory exploration

- Increased focus and concentration

In conclusion, our starry sky ceiling panels meet the the various requirements for child care/early education centers, such as the building flame retardant requirements. Children can benefit much from these colorful interesting star ceiling panels.

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