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Straight Glass Fiber Optic Light Guide

Straight Glass Fiber Optic Light Guide
February 25 , 2022

According to different needs, different fiber materials can be selected to achieve different functions.

High-quality imported glass optical fiber, spectral range: 400-1200nm, can effectively cut off ultraviolet rays

High temperature design, can withstand high temperature up to 350 degrees

High transmittance: the transmittance of 1 meter after clustering is above 80%

Numerical Aperture: 0.54

Light receiving angle: 65 degrees

Optical fiber protection tube: stainless steel tube, stainless steel plastic-coated tube, or stainless steel shaped table lamp tube.

Application areas:

1. High temperature furnace detection fiber

Imported glass fiber, high transmittance

The stainless steel lamp tube is used as the protective tube, which can fix the shape of the optical fiber tube. Different protective tubes can also be used on request

High temperature resistant design, the overall high temperature resistance is 350℃

It is suitable for high temperature, anti-electricity, dustproof and other environments such as furnace detection, and is used in steel mills, thermal power generation, etc.

2. Transmission beam for biochemical instruments:

Specifications: 1-1/2S0.9, 1-1/2S0.6, special specifications can be customized;

Main technical parameters: optical transmittance of optical fiber ≥78% (wavelength at 0.6328um);

Spectral range: 0.19-2.00μm, the fiber adopts SMA905 connector.;

Uses: used in biochemical instruments.

Straight glass optical fiber bundle can be made into different shapes, different uses, and different specifications of optical fibers according to the different needs of customers, please contact me for details.

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