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UV Quartz Fiber Optic Bundle

UV Quartz Fiber Optic Bundle
March 04 , 2022

Quartz fiber optic bundle is used to realize light conduction, light shaping, light homogenization, light collection, and light beam splitting, etc., making your optical system more flexible, simpler, lighter, more stable, and more flexible. It can be equipped with collimating lens and coupling lens to collimate, converge, and expand the light to optimize the performance of the optical system.

Parameter characteristics of UV quartz fiber optic bundle:

Numerical Aperture :UVHCS 0.22±0.02


Working Temperature:-65℃~125℃

Typical Application:

Industrial fields: smoke detection, testing instruments, quality control, sensors, remote lighting, laser transmission

Medical field: endoscopy, laser therapy, gene analysis, protein analysis, cold light source

Scientific research: particle detection, fluorescence excitation, spectral analysis, colorimetric analysis, flame analysis

The distribution shapes of the end face of the fiber optic bundle are: circle, random, concentric circle, semicircle, rectangle, layered shape, etc.

In order to meet the requirements of different users, Nanjing GIANT will provide special optical fibers with different shapes according to your application and needs. The fiber types currently used are: straight-through, Y-type, ring-to-line, Z-type and fiber bundles. If you have special application needs, please contact us, and we will design special fibers according to your requirements. Satisfy your needs. The service is specially provided for customers with special requirements. The connectors can be freely matched or redesigned according to the requirements. The total length can be selected according to the requirements. The size of the fiber core diameter and the number of branches can be made according to the requirements.

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