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Preparation process of glass optical fiber light guide rod

Preparation process of glass optical fiber light guide rod
February 18 , 2022

The glass fiber optic light guide rod can be widely used in infrared physiotherapy, dental curing machine, etc.

The color is black, transparent or other colors; the shape of the end is cylindrical or conical.

Diameter φ5, 8, 9.5, 10, 11, 13mm and other specifications;

Bending angle and size can be customized according to user requirements;

The preparation process of the glass optical fiber light guide rod includes the following steps:

(1) Selection of raw materials: choose high-refractive-index nugget glass and low-refractive-index cortical glass;

(2) Dual-phase worm wire drawing: After purifying the selected core glass and cortical glass, put in a pin-gold dual-phase worm by electric heating at 1000-1100 degrees Celsius to melt the core glass and the cortical glass. The molten core glass and cortical glass flow out from the leaking nozzle due to their own weight, and are drawn into monofilaments at one time under the traction of the pin-gold dual-phase worm take-up wheel;

(3) shredding purification: the monofilament drawn with the biphasic worm is cut into a certain length, and is packaged in a clean container after purification;

(4) Tube loading and arranging: after the clean fixed-length optical fibers are arranged in an orderly manner, they are loaded into the outer cover glass tube;

(5) double-drawn rods: the glass tubes loaded with the glass monofilament are sent into the tubular furnace for heating by the rod feeding mechanism, and at a temperature of 700°C- 900°C, they are drawn into light guide rods by dragging them against each other;

(6) Post-processing: Cut the drawn light guide rod into required lengths, grind and polish both ends to obtain the finished light guide rod, and bend the rod at a certain angle, usually 60° to 64°.

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