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Fiber Optic Metal End Fitting For Starscape

1.Colour: silver
2.Suitable to 1-5mm diameter optic fiber cable
3.IP68 no UV, no heat, can protect showing prodcts
4.Applicated place: swimming pool, museum, office, show case,sauna room
5.Package Contents:6 x silver color end fitting fixtures

  • Item NO.:

  • Main Material:

    Copper, Aluminum Alloy
  • Lighting Colour:

  • Application:

    Swimming Pool or Sauna Room Lighting Decoration
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Product Details

Metal End Fittings Fixture For End-Glow Fiber Optic Light cable

Final finishers for a fiber optic LED lighting installation. These terminators are the ideal termination for an installation of fiber optic lights. Installation on the ceiling, walls, panels, etc. The installation is simple, because you simply have to drill the false ceiling, put the terminator in the hole, and insert the optical fiber into the terminator. LED lighting with fiber optic propagation. The combination of optical fiber with a LED light generator, gets spectacular effects and many applications. The system consists of an LED light generator (illuminator) to which the optical fiber is connected. The light propagates through the optical fiber until it reaches the opposite end of the optical fiber, illuminating brilliantly. 

The LED light source (illuminator) is the only component that needs power and can be hidden anywhere secure. The fiber optic cables are insulated, they are safe, they can be installed outdoors, inside the water, flammable areas, and do not generate heat by lighting. Ideal for lighting and decoration, interior lighting, making starry ceilings, garden lighting, swimming pool, spa room, commercial signs, etc.

  • Stainless steel end fitting for ground and swimming pool fiber optic light.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Application: Clubs, kTV, hotel, restaurant, museum, corridor, veranda, staircase, swimming pools or underwater star light etc.

Customized designs is welcome!

Product Application

Metal End Fittings Fixture For End-Glow Fiber Optic Light cableMetal End Fittings Fixture For End-Glow Fiber Optic Light cable

Metal End Fittings Fixture For Swimming Pool DecorMetal End Fittings Fixture For Swimming Pool Decor

Fiber optic is transparent, flexible, waterproof, long life, low attenuation, excellent evenness , no heat or electricity transfer and no ultraviolet or infrared transmission; Easy to install, low Maintenance, make special light pattern you want on the ceiling. distinctive twinkle effect, may be continuous or fixed.

This end fittings does not include optic fibers and LED engine.To get full light set, you also need LED light source and Optic fiber cable.The metal end fittings consist of metal fixed and Acrylic. So it does not glow itself. We connect LED Light source and optical fiber cable with fixed end fittings to get colorful stars.The end fittings emit colorful starlight on the ground or water surface to achieve imaginative effect.

Installation Instructions

IP68 Swimming Pool or Sauna Room Metal End Fitting Fixture

IP68 Swimming Pool or Sauna Room Metal End Fitting Fixture

STEP 1: Drill hole size same as diameter of fiber optic or fiber optic cable.

STEP 2: Insert the end piece through the ceiling.

STEP 3: Clockwise twist.

STEP 4: Insert the fiber optic into the hole.

STEP 5: Secure with silicone sealant.

STEP 6: Plug into the power socket.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.