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Environmentally Friendly and Luminous Fabrics are Derived from Optical Fiber Technology
Jun 21, 2022

SEMIR is a Chinese clothing fashion brand, founded in 1996, quickly responds to fashion trends, gathers the influence of Fashion Icon, and promotes a young attitude. However, the brands that used to be accompanied by most of the post-80s and 90s youth have gradually faded out of sight, and clothing has become more and more disliked.

Today, the closing ceremony of GreenCode is specially presented. The Chinese independent designer brand LEAF XIA joined hands with SEMIR to display a series of eye-catching works in GreenCode's "big box", including the co-branded luminous model of designer LEAF XIA.

Fabric that glows

This season, LEAF XIA mixes technology-filled, futuristic luminous fabrics with various graffiti prints. Under the flash, it looks like a walking watercolor brush.

Clothing with "emotions"

The source of inspiration for LEAF XIA this season, it is "The Emotional House" created by the specially invited artist Ye Ziyu in the first season of "The World's Most Beautiful Pop-up Store" in the new project "The World's Most Beautiful Pop-Up Store". This is a house full of emotions built with "people" as the material in the rivers, lakes and seas.

At the beginning of the catwalk, she stunned the audience with the energetic performance of the cool luminous clothes.

This season, LEAF XIA incorporates clothing into humanities. The uninhibited mix and match, the free and easy graffiti, and the healing of printing are all emotional displays and releases.

GreenCode adheres to the three cores of "environmental protection", "technology" and "charity" to create a new green code and new experience for Shanghai Fashion Week. With a highly futuristic technology interactive experience, it shows the infinite scalability and future possibilities of fashion to the industry and the public, and triggers the public to think about Friendly Relationship. Relationship with nature, with self.

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