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Ancient Masterpieces And Holographic Immersive Interactive Projection Technology
Jun 29, 2022

"Across the River During Qingming Festival" was created by painter Zhang Zeduan of the Northern Song Dynasty. The original painting is 528.7 cm long and 24.8 cm high. It is now in the Palace Museum and can only be exhibited every 3 to 5 years. This collection shows the prosperous and lively scene of Bianjing, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, that is, Kaifeng today, in the form of hand scrolls, depicting the colorful life of cities and villages at that time, and has high historical and artistic value. One of the most well-known and popular paintings.

This time, Zhang Zeduan's masterpiece "Across the River During Qingming Festival" was exhibited in Hong Kong through high-tech interactive incarnation as an animation. The exhibition is held in a space of about 43,000 feet in Hall 3 of AsiaWorld-Expo. This performance does not simply digitize "Across the River during the Qingming Festival", but respects the original work, combines cultural relics, technology and art, and uses 360-degree holographic immersive interaction and classics. Stage art and 4D dome images allow the audience to step into the long scroll of the prosperous Song Dynasty, and watch Zhang Zeduan's brushstrokes and the cultural display behind his paintings at close range.

There are as many as 814 characters in "Along the River During Qingming Festival". How does Zhang Zeduan represent them? Through our high-tech means, we can not only restore some three-dimensional space at that time, but the most important thing is that our audience can walk into the picture.

Such a viewing experience, including the experience of viewing paintings, allows us to have a crossing between us and history. The focus of "Across the River during Qingming Festival" is "into the painting", emphasizing the immersive experience.

The huge height reproduces the details in the painting, allowing the audience to feel Zhang Zeduan's brushstrokes. Through the observation and high restoration of modern painters, the audience will be able to clearly see the details of the original painting, which enables us to go deeper into the exploration of the masterpiece.

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