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High quality high transparency dental curing machine light guide rod

High quality high transparency dental curing machine light guide rod
April 29 , 2022

The light curing machine is an oral device for repairing teeth. It uses the principle of light curing to quickly cure the dental repair resin material under the action of light waves in a specific wavelength range through the dental curing light guide rod, thereby filling the cavity or bonding the bracket.

The principle of oral light guide rod:

The fact that light can be transmitted in glass fibers or plastic fibers is based on the principle that light produces "total reflection" at the interface of two substances with different refractive indices. In order to prevent the "leakage" of light during the conduction process, the glass filament must be put on a "coat", so whether it is a glass fiber optic or a plastic fiber optic, it is mainly composed of two parts: the core wire and the cladding. The structure of the optical fiber is cylindrical, and the special manufacturing process and special material are used to make the optical fiber not only slender and flexible like silk, but also have high strength and pressure resistance.

Specifications of light guide rod:

There are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, which are common to most of the light curing products on the market (the quantity can be customized according to the requirements)

Dental Curing Light Guide Rod

Features of GIANT Light Guide Rod:

1. High transmittance glass fiber, good light guiding effect

2. High-density glass fiber, superior light-gathering performance and high brightness

3. Concentrated light, no astigmatism, no light leakage

4. Resistant to high temperature and high pressure sterilization to prevent cross infection

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