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HD wireless car door welcome light induction projection light

HD wireless car door welcome light induction projection light
April 22 , 2022

Today, with the increasing popularity of automobiles, people are paying more and more attention to the lighting of their car, and the most concerned is the car welcome light. Nowadays, cars generally have their own welcome lights, which are installed under the door or under the rearview mirror. The purpose is to illuminate the road under your feet when you open the door at night. Then, the welcome lights of most vehicles are either the brightness of the light source is not enough high, or there is only a reserved welcome light position.Many car owners with strong hands-on ability have moved their minds. They have replaced the welcome lights with brighter lights, or car ghost shadow projector lamp, which look high-end and elegant.

Product Features:

1. LED car door logo light, providing a pleasing visual experience of light and shadow.

2. When opening the door at night, the projected pattern can warn others to avoid accidents.

3. When getting off the car, let the car owner see the road conditions under the foot and avoid puddles or other obstacles.

Product advantages:

1. The shell is made of glossy ABS, which is easier to match with any style of car interior.

2. It can be turned off directly when not needed to save power. The product has intelligent control function, energy saving and power saving.

3. 5 optical convex lenses are used to form a focusing lamp, so that the projected pattern effect is clearer and more realistic.

4. A variety of patterns, change at any time, you can contact us to customize a private pattern.

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