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Fiber Optic Applications in California
May 21, 2017

  • Optic fiber light is a night lighting ideal light source, by using the theory of total reflection, light transmission through optical fiber to people need light anywhere for lighting.
  • Optical fiber safety, itself is not charged, not afraid of water, can suite many environment.
  • Optical fiber small size, soft and flexible, easy to create and make whatever you want shape.
  • Optical fiber long life, low maintenance workload.
  • Optical fiber bright colors and beat rhythm, widely used to make waterfall curtain lighting, curtain, screen, ceiling sky decoration.

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Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd. professionally makes and markets plastic optical fibers, glass optical fibers, optical fiber lamps, and various green lights & lamps, specializing in universal non-communication optical fibers. Our running mission: technology based and market oriented. Our quality products have been exported to Europe, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.

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