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Watch the movies under the stars!

Watch the movies under the stars!
October 28 , 2022

Do you want to watch the movies under stars at home? Do you want to add something special? Have you considered the star ceiling, but didn't go far because you didn't know how to do it? Or do you think it's too expensive? Why not choose our star ceiling panels? Here are 3 factors needs to be considered if you want a starry sky home theater.

1.Selection of Fiber Optic Starry Sky Ceiling Panels

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels are usually used as ceiling materials in theater decoration, and their advantages are as follows:

①Easy to install optical fibers;

②Convenient construction, simple edge processing, seamless splicing, free cutting and different shapes can be spliced;

③Good sound absorption performance;

④Various colors are available, no post-processing required;

⑤Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Giant has various starry night ceiling panels, such as Fiber Optic Standard Starlight Ceiling Panel, Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Custom Pattern, Fiber Optic Light-Honeycomb Star Ceiling Panel, Fiber Optic Starry Sky Light-Inkjet Panel, Hydra Starry Sky Ceiling Panel. Customers can contact us directly for more information.

2.Fiber size and quantity configuration

According to the length-width ratio of the installation room, configure a considerable number of optical fibers, and reasonably allocate the number of optical fibers of different lengths and diameters. Suitable star density will give you a satisfactory effect.

When threading the optical fiber, thread the shorter optical fiber close to the light source unit, and thread the longer optical fiber away from the light source unit. For example: 1 meter of optical fiber is worn at the position closest to the light source machine, and then by 1.5 meters, 2 meters and other lengths of optical fiber. Fibers of different diameters are distributed among them, and super-bright stars, bright stars, and micro-bright stars present a realistic starry night sky. The starlight flickers on and off, allowing different colors to appear alternately, or it can be positioned to a certain color.

3. Install the fiber

This determines the final effect. On the home page, mark the position to be drilled on the polyester fiber sound-absorbing board, and the arrangement of the stars can be DIYed into your favorite constellation. Then drill holes according to the corresponding opening size of the optical fiber in the marked place, and then insert the optical fiber into the polyester fiber sound-absorbing board.

Centering on the placement position of the machine, pass the optical fiber down from the top surface of the ceiling, pass through and leave a section, and use gun nails or glue at the connection between the optical fiber and the sound-absorbing board to fix it. At last, you just need to install panels in sequence.

The idea of building a starry sky effect home theater has always existed, but today it is no longer the super-rich and top 1% people’s dream! The dreamy home theater will impress your kids and neighbors, and make everyone who comes into the room jealous! This is the perfect ending to the theater of your dreams!

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