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Our new 16w light source machine - high brightness and small size

Our new 16w light source machine - high brightness and small size
May 27 , 2022

Our latest 16W LED fiber optic light source adopts a new generation of control technology and air convection cooling technology. Compared with the previous generation products, the shell is thinner, smaller, ultra-high brightness, rich in color, flexible in application, etc., and no noise is generated during operation!

It is most suitable for small optical fiber projects, such as bedroom starry sky roof lights, KTV private rooms, home improvement projects and small fiber optic chandeliers. It is a new generation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe optical fiber high-quality light sources. It is a small LED fiber optic light source with the highest brightness on the market.

It has the following characteristics:

1. Small size (160mm*155mm*55mm), can be flexibly installed in any space and lamp body, eliminating the need for engineering construction inconvenience and trouble.

2. Using 16W high-power RGB three-color LED as the light source, it can theoretically form any color, and the color is more traditional.The fiber optic machine is richer and more beautiful, and the color mixing is uniform and uniform, and the consistency is good.

3. The electronic color mixing method is adopted, and there is no mechanical color wheel, thus avoiding the noise and failure caused by mechanical failure.

4. Fast response time, no need to preheat, and unlimited use.

5. Because the light source is a cold light source, there is no high heat, and the fiber will not be easily aged, brittle or melted due to high temperature.

6. Long life, no need to replace the light source frequently.

7. Low power consumption (the whole machine is only 16W), which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

8. The aluminum alloy shell has a full-screen closed design, which will not produce harmonic interference and electromagnetic radiation. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving light sources.

9. Using the latest heat conduction technology, supplemented by three-way constant current source power supply, and strong heat dissipation with imported fans, to ensure that the working temperature is only 40~50 degrees (at room temperature of 30 degrees), effectively avoiding the aging and light decay of LED overheating and overcurrent, resulting in dust generation and light decay, and the service life is much longer on similar models.

10. The control chip adopts the most advanced synchronization technology, which can ensure absolute synchronization of multiple units for a long time, and is more flexible and convenient to use.

11. Rich functions, A: colorful transition and gradient; B: colorful jump; C: combination of gradient and jump; D: single red: E: single green color; F: single green.

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