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Logo projection lamp customization - any pattern can be customized

Logo projection lamp customization - any pattern can be customized
June 17 , 2022

Advertising logo projector lights can produce various patterns, mainly serving various stores such as bars, disco bars, coffee shops, KTVs, etc., and can be used as directional lighting in business, such as clothing stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, and can print company logos , used to create lighting effects, used in exhibitions to highlight products or company images.

We all know that custom image gobo logo projector lights must be matched with gobos to form images, so the quality of gobos directly affects the projection effect. Therefore, if the advertising projection lamp wants to change the pattern, it is necessary to replace different pattern pieces.

The pattern sheet is also called a logo sheet, a light sheet, which is placed in a pattern projection lamp or a gobo logo light to project the pattern in the pattern, and different pattern sheets can be customized. The material of the pattern sheet can be film sheet, iron sheet, glass sheet.

1. Use film as pattern sheet. Films are printed with ink, which is organic and not resistant to high temperatures. It is easy to decompose and discolor under strong light and high temperature, and the projection lamp has strong light and will generate high temperature during use, that is to say, it is used in the lamp under high temperature and strong light, and it is easy to change color after oxidation. It makes the color on the film lighten, and the color of the projected pattern may become lightened immediately within a few days, so it is very inconvenient to replace it frequently.

2. Use iron gobo as pattern sheet, although the temperature resistance of iron gobo is better than that of film and glass gobo, but it cannot make complicated pictures, only black and white. the effect is not very good!

3. The glass gobo is used as the pattern sheet. The glass gobo selected by GIANT is made of high temperature coated glass, the surface is inorganic, and the pattern will not fade for ten years. Even if the temperature of the lamp is hot or strong, there is no need to worry about the pattern on the glass gobo changing. The light transmittance of the glass gobo is above 90%, the projected pattern outline is clear, the details can be clearly displayed, and the color is bright.

Any content can be customized, the pattern can be any graphic shape, any color, it can be a piece of text, a logo or a beautiful pattern, it can have extraordinary effects in different occasions, you can customize it according to your needs. Custom image gobo logo projector you can get here.

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