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Fiber optic ceiling light decoration material

Fiber optic ceiling light decoration material
February 11 , 2022

The materials for the decoration of the top surface of the optical fiber are mainly fiber optic materials and light engine. According to the design requirements of the top surface, the optical fibers of the following specifications can be used:

1. φ0.75mm fiber optic

2. φ1.0mm fiber optic

3. Φ1.5mm fiber optic

According to the design requirements, the top surface decoration can use a single specification of optical fiber, and can also use multiple specifications of optical fiber at the same time. Such as a large area of gypsophila, if only a single specification of optical fiber is used, it will appear more rigid and without layering. If several specifications of optical fibers are used at the same time, the star's far and near layers are more obvious, and naturally, the starry sky effect is better. For the geometrical figures or other patterns designed on the top surface, some of the optical fibers used require optical fibers of a single specification.

It is the light engine that provides illumination for the optical fiber. The light engine mentioned here mainly includes the following special light engines:

1. Metal halide lamp fiber optic light engine.

2. Halogen light fiber optic light engine.

3. High power LED fiber optic lighting engine.

These dedicated light engines are high color temperature, long life engines that provide color change, as shown in the figure:

In addition to optical fibers and light engines, there are many electrical appliances and hardware materials used for optical fiber decoration, such as cables, power distribution boxes, screws and so on.

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