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Car modification Rolls Royce star roof

Car modification Rolls Royce star roof
July 22 , 2022

Speaking of Rolls-Royce, the powerful customization function is beyond the reach of other models, and in this luxury car brand, the original starlight headliner can be said to kill all atmosphere lights.

For other brands, it is not too difficult to have a Rolls Royce star roof light , and it can be done by upgrading from low to high. One of the car's most interesting and popular bespoke elements, the star roof headliner combines 1,200 micro-fibers with a handcrafted headliner. Lift the taste of the interior to the extreme, and perfectly demonstrate the ultimate effect of upgrading from low-end to high-end. Our company's new twinkle fiber optic star light headliner kit can meet your needs, and you can get the same starry sky effect light with one touch.

Here are a few installation tips:

1. If it is a newly made roof foreskin, you need to wait for one to two days, and wait for the newly made anti-fur or leather to be completely glued and solidified before operating.

2. When drilling, be sure to confirm the position where the controller needs to be installed and the spacing required for drilling in advance, and measure the installation position and spacing according to the length and quantity of optical fibers.

3. When sticking the fixed point of the optical fiber, the optical fiber cable should be passed around the position of the rear dome light.

4. It is necessary to wait for the glue of each fiber fixing point to solidify before cutting off the small tail on the front, so as to prevent the small tail from being retracted after cutting.

5. After the small tail is cut off, check whether each optical fiber can dew point. If there is no problem, it is necessary to stick the back with a film or a sound insulation film.

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