Who are main customers to Njgiant?
Customers of Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd.range from individual customers to companies. Our company uses a mass marketing strategy to be competitive in the industry. Listening to customers and letting them share their voice on Njgianthave led Njgianta truly differentiated brand supported by a strong community of fans.

It is recognized that Njgiant now is a leading brand in manufacturing plastic optical fiber. our teamfocuses on providing a variety of logo projector for customers. The fabric of wefiber optic light fixture is not treated with formaldehyde resin, which is one of the most toxic chemical fabric finishes and its pattern is not washed away. Its light source can produce a varying color of light. This product guarantees good strength. It is durable and has proven to be effective to protect items.

We are serious about our customers. Our goal is to be a courteous and professional manufacturer to provide the best manufacturing services for our customers.
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