What about Njgiant production equipment?
Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd.introduces the highly advanced equipment to produce fiber optic night light lamp . We have our own advanced production lines that guarantee that the smooth and automatic operation, enhancing the production efficiency. For satisfying the needs of customers, we have been upgrading our production technology to guarantee the top quality of products and higher precision during each manufacturing procedure.

Njgiant is at the forefront of fiber optic accessories industry. Njgiantfocuses on providing a variety of fiber optic products for customers. The quality of Njgiantplastic fiber optic cable lighting is guaranteed. A number of quality control checks and tests have been carried, including color shading, colorfastness check, size fitting test, etc. This product can instantly lighten up without any delay. This product is not susceptible to the adverse effects of environmental factors. It has been tested in a variety of environments including wet, dry, hot, cold, vibration, acceleration, IP rating, UV light and more. It is not prone to electromagnetic influence.

Our mission is to become a strong and independent company to create maximum value for our customers, stakeholders, and our employees.
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