Nanjing Giant can provide PMMA and PS plastic fiber optic individually. Plastic fiber optic can not emit light by itself individually. Commonly it need to be used with light engine together to get different light effect.

The dia of our plastic fiber optic is from 0.25mm to 14mm. Based on different emitting effect, plastic fiber optic can be divided into end glow fiber optic, side sparking fiber optic and side glow fiber optic.

Nanjing Giant has professional production line making plastic fiber optic. The plastic fiber optic what we made can match most of lighting request. Beside, we also supply Mitsubishi plastic fiber optic which has lower light loss rate but more expensive.

Nanjing Giant also provide cable making service. We could make single-core or multi-core fiber optic cable with PE or PVC jacket. Any size of plastic fiber optic can be picked up freely and made into cable as client’s request. Plastic fiber optic cable is widely used in pool lighting and outdoor project. The jacket can protect the fiber optic thread inside well. Avoiding the damage fiber optic thread during mounting.

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