How about the management mechanism of Njgiant?
At Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd., the business is run under several management regimes such as the human resource management system, the product quality management system, and the traceability system. All these are aimed at providing the superior quality products for the clients throughout the world. Of this, we attach great importance to the human resource management system because we believe that it is the talents that play a crucial role in the whole production process. They are the keys to the implementation of different systems and regulations and the high quality and on-time delivery.

Njgiant achieves a great success at abroad market for its high quality fiber optic patch cord with reasonable price. Njgiantfocuses on providing a variety of fiber optic light source for customers. Njgiantfiber optic light projector is flexible in design. It was created by our designers who understand design elements and use them in different ways to produce different art and visual effects. The design of this product can be customized. The product saves money by using less energy. It is an economic method for people to enjoy their life or work. Its sturdy electrical components make it highly stand up to vibrations.

In order to protect our environment, we work to limit the production of waste and recycle waste when possible and we manage waste treatment in each of our production sites.
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