How about products and service of Njgiant?
Nanjing Giant Technology Co., products of high quality and services of excellence. The products provided by us, especially the gobo logo projector , are hot products in the market. They are mixes of modern production technology, advanced production equipment and experienced talents. The services offered by us satisfy all clients and largely raise customer satisfaction. 

Njgiant has been the trend leader of fiber optic patch cord supplies. Njgiantfocuses on providing a variety of liquid light guide for customers. Njgiantfiber optic light fixture 's design is unique. It follows the principles of structure such as the shape of object/dress and aesthetics such as vision or appearance of object/fabric. Its sturdy electrical components make it highly stand up to vibrations. This product has the required functionality. The technology used exceeds the limits of manual functions. It can end more complex and complex operations. It is not prone to electromagnetic influence.

We will work hard to move toward a more sustainable manufacturing model. We will try to optimize the materials usage rate so as to reduce resource waste.
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