How about Njgiant independent R&D capabilities?
Since we have been notified about the significance of independent R&D in the industry competition, Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd.continues to develop our technology based on product quality improvement. Over the year, we have successfully upgraded our manufacturing technology, leading to a higher output of the product. Thanks to our independent R&D capabilities, we are able to compete with other enterprises and export more products to the overseas market. We will keep investing in research and development and cooperate with other leading enterprises to explore more techniques.

Njgiant has gained great popularity among customers for its high quality of plastic optical fiber. Njgiantfocuses on providing a variety of fiber optic light source for customers. This product has the characteristics of low energy consumption. Optimized circuit layout, less wiring, and reduced energy consumption to a certain extent. This product is highly resistant to breakage. The use of this product will consume less energy to help people reduce electricity bills for the years to come. It has a strong base to withstand impacts.

Our company bears social responsibilities. We offset emissions released during the value creation process through climate protection projects. This has been confirmed by official certification.
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