Light engine is used for supply light source for fiber optic. Recently, it can be divided into LED light engine and metal halide light engine. For different using the power range is from 1W to 150W.

Most of time, people will choose LED light engine which has more functions. For control method, sound control, DMX control, mobile control, wifi control, RF control are all can be realized by LED light engine. We also provide some color wheel which can get some special effect such as twinkle star, shooting star, etc.

Apart from LED light engine, Nanjing Giant also provide metal halide light engine. Compare with LED light engine, though its function is less, metal halide light engine is more stable. So it is still can be used in some big project.

Nanjing Giant can provide IP43 waterproof metal case for LED and metal halide light engine. If you want to put the light engine outside a long time, a IP43 waterproof case will figure out the this problem.

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