Does Njgiant make delivery on time?
Depending on your requirements, Nanjing Giant Technology Co., able to produce and deliver our products within the stipulated time. We take delivery date very seriously because we know you depend on us to get your logo light projector to you on time. On time delivery represents, in essence, the basic promise between Njgiantand consumers.

Taking the lead in providing professional service and fiber optic products, Njgianthas won the praises from customers. Njgiantfocuses on providing a variety of liquid light guide for customers. This product can be stacked and moved without damage. The metal sheets that make up the product are corrugated to improve its overall strength. The light of this product is soft and pure. The product adds a sense of high-end elegant feeling to the places where it's placed. Modern people are fond of its simple yet practical design. The product features a long service life.

We take honesty honor as the most important developing concept. We will always stick to the service promise and focus on improving our credibility in business practices, such as abiding by contracts.
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