Does Njgiant has product showroom?
Yes, Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd.always knows and understands customer demands. As we keep developing the new products each year, we tend to notice the demand for building a product showroom for a comfy displaying of the products. gobo logo projector is exhibited in the front row to highlight its appearance with the instruction manual fixed beside. Customers can first notice the product when they visit our showroom. In the future, we will expand the showroom to have more product series displayed with their characteristics fully highlighted.

Njgiant has also made many logo projector companies unmatched. Njgiantfocuses on providing a variety of fiber optic pool light for customers. We flexibly use design elements to create visual beauty of Njgiantfiber optic pool light parts. Seams, pleats, dart, pleats, bottom edges, panels are some of the elements that can be combined when building this product. Not producing heat, this product reduces the environmental burden. The product has good sealing properties. It can effectively prevent foreign objects from entering in it, hence protecting the packaged items. This product comes in a variety of colors.

We constantly seek to improve energy and resource consumption during production by consistently reviewing our processes and implementing individual site initiatives such as eco-efficient lighting, insulation, and heating systems.
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