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Stay focused on the company rather than company type of Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd.. We're a business dedicated to the creation and sales of fiber optic house lighting . We're created for gain. To be able to generate gain, we've made every attempt to perform R&D and attain quantity production. A copy of business license might be provided if you truly care about it.

Njgiantis widely praised for its reliable quality and unique design for fiber optic light source. Njgiantfocuses on providing a variety of fiber optic products for customers. Njgiantled light engine fiber optic does not contain toxic chemicals, dyes or oils during processing, which means that this product does not contain residues from the process. Its finely designed beam angle helps give off a clear. There is no possibility of crosstalk in this product. The signal lines, power lines, and grounding lines are arranged scientifically and reasonably. This product is highly resistant to breakage.

Our company bears social responsibilities. Eliminating waste in every form, minimizing waste in all of its forms and ensuring maximum efficiency in everything we do.
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