Business scope of Njgiant
As the company rapidly grows, the business scope of Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd.has been greatly expanded as well. As a professional manufacturer of logo projector led , we have covered a wide range of businesses such as designing and developing products to satisfy the growing needs of customers since established. Operating in line with the national industrial development policy, we strictly follow related regulations to conduct the corporate management and production process. Up to now, we have had an enlarged customer base and served a large number of customers from different industries and received high praises from them.

As a ranking liquid light guide manufacturer, Njgiant has attracted more and more customers at home and abroad. Njgiantfocuses on providing a variety of fiber optic products for customers. This product has a neat surface. Created by our professional designers, the content of its surface is reasonably arranged. This product allows for large areas of lighting. The use of this product in homes or workplace would help save energy and also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus help protect the environment. It does not contain any form of volatile substances, which is environmentally-friendly.

Our sustainable goal is to reduce emissions, increase recycling, protect natural resources. So we put ourselves to adopt more efficient operations that can reduce our environmental footprint.
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