Any further technical information about Njgiant?
If you want to find technical documentation for Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd.products, please refer to the detailed product page or contact our Customer Service. Njgiant's Tech Spec clearly shows we have achieved our intended goals and impact. Compare technical specifications across companies and you will find Njgiantis the most suitable one for you.

Njgiantis a famous brand of led light engine fiber optic from the hometown of fiber optic light source in China. our teamfocuses on providing a variety of fiber optic accessories for customers. This product is recyclable. Even if one just throws it away (which is not advisable), the material would naturally degrade without harming the environment. It is not prone to electromagnetic influence. Thanks to its energy efficiency, the product could add up to significant savings for people's electricity on a monthly basis. The product features a long service life.

We take "Customer First and Continual Improvement" as the company's tenet. We have established a customer-centric team who specially solve problems, such as responding to customers' feedback, giving advice, knowing their concerns, and communicating with other teams to make the problems be solved.
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