Any engineers can help install fiber optic light source ?
Please make contact with our Customer Service Center for further information about product installation. Engineers are the backbone of Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd.. They are highly educated, some of whom have qualified master's degree while half of them are undergraduates. All have rich theoretical knowledge about fiber optic light and know every detail of different generations of the product. They also acquire practical experience in manufacturing and assembling the products. Generally, they can provide on-line guidance for customers to help install the products step by step.

As a leading enterprise of manufacturing fiber optic accessories, Njgianthas its own capability to offer what customers want. Njgiantfocuses on providing a variety of fiber optic products for customers. Njgiantfiber optic light fixture's quality is guaranteed. Its manufacturing process pays attention to consumer safety by ensuring compliance with health standards in the production process. This product is quite efficient, consuming only little energy. The product can be printed with high quality and highly glamorous colors. It can make the packaged product stand out. Integrating with modern technology, it has a green lighting mode.

We take honesty honor as the most important developing concept. We will always stick to the service promise and focus on improving our credibility in business practices, such as abiding by contracts.
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