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China's first Qi Baishi immersive digital light and shadow art big exhibition

Focusing on the modern expression of traditional art, integrating various forms including digital projection, scientific and technological interaction, AR virtual reality, art installation and so on, with the help of digital technology and scene restoration, create a retrospective of time, take the audience along the path of Qi Baishi's life, and take the audience into Qi Baishi's art world in an immersive way.

Enter the prologue hall, the first thing you see is the digital image of Qi Baishi's works on the wall. Re-combine through artistic means, use high-definition LED screen imaging, and present through naked eye 3D visual image.

Bamboo forests are planted in front of the door and behind the house. In front of the house is a clear stream, which seems to be the magic "Star Pond". Then, through a dense and organized bamboo forest, the dynamic image on the bamboo wall shows the calligraphy works of the old man Baishi in different periods through the projection of bamboo knots.

In the core exhibition area of "one flower, one world", the projection technology has once again empowered the art and activated the content based on the master's flowers, birds, fish and insects. For example, a bird flying from the right screen falls on the stone beside the wall, the bird slightly turns its head, and the surrounding pictures gradually fade away. The two mandarin ducks hit the lotus stems inadvertently while swimming, and the birds on them flew away like frightened birds, causing dragonflies to fly around.

Here, you will see the growth of flowers and trees in the four seasons, and listen to the chirping of birds and insects under the hedge. These vivid, warm and vibrant scenes are exactly what Qi Baishi loves in his heart. Therefore, ink splashing is a painting, and writing is a poem.

The exhibition hall of "Qi Baishi's Calligraphy and Painting Room" will display Qi Baishi's paintings by projection, and the lifelike paintings will be displayed interactively with visitors on the suspended wall.

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